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Student Forum & The House System

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The House system is an integral aspect of life at Adeyfield School. Students are allocated to a house when they enter the school based on their form group.

The school has 4 houses:

  • Challenger
  • Discovery
  • Endeavour
  • Enterprise

Tutor groups will elect 2 House Representatives to attend student forum and represent the views of their form groups.

The House system will support and enrich the lives of students whilst they are at school and any house activities that are participated in will be rewarded. House activities will take place throughout the year and students will have involvement in participation and the organisation of these events. House Representatives will liaise with staff regarding the organisation of House Competitions working together to make these events a success.

The Student Forum will meet once per half term. Representatives on the forum will also take on a role in one of the 3 sub-committees: ‘Teaching and Learning’, ‘Charity’ and ‘Wider aspects of school life’.

The aim of the forum is to address specific issues related to their school experience and to support ideas to help develop school life. House Representatives will be actively encouraged to bring; ideas, suggestions and feedback from their house members to the forum.

Feedback to students will be through half termly House Assemblies which will be led by House Representatives supported by a member of the Senior Team.

House Allocation and Representatives





Yr 7 7VH
Riley B
Rhianna G
Lewis C
Amna K
Harry M
Priya S
Isabelle A
Charlie B
Yr 8 8PC
Tommy F
Ellie T
Harvey P
Leah S
Sasha R
Oscar E
Indie B
Tristan M
Yr 9 9FD
Tia S
Jack B
Bert S
Noor K
Sapphire S
Luke B
Lewis C
Jade B
Yr 10 10JR
Paula C
Amy T
Louie B
Molly C
Grace S
James L
Connor L
Yr 11 11CC
Bradley C
Ellen R
Sophie H-B
Abbie C
Hermione H
Luke D
Abby H
Kia S