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Title Author
An Actor Prepares C.Stanislavski
Building a Character C.Stanislavski
Creating A Role C.Stanislavski
Stanislavski and the Actor Jean Benedetti
Stanislavski An Actors Handbook Methuen
The Art of the Actor Jean Benedetti
100 Exercises to get you into Drama School J.Howl
Medea and Other Plays Penguin
Everyman Penguin
Look Back in Anger John Osborne
Collected Plays of Steven Berkoff 1 Steven Berkoff
Collected Plays of Steven Berkoff 2 Steven Berkoff
Democracy in Action (Citizenship in Focus) Steven Berkoff
The Theatre of Steven Berkoff Ivan Minnis
Commedia dell'Arte John Rudlin
Theatre Directions Jonothan Neelands
Practical Theatre A Post 16 Approach Sally Mackey
Waiting for Godot S.Beckett
Drama A Students Handbook Brian McGuire
Methuen Book of Monologues  
Methuen Book of Duologues  
Any Shakespeare plays  
Any Brecht plays  
Ibsen collected plays  
Access Accents Received Pronunciation (CD)  

The most important thing to do is to go to as much theatre
as possible and read as many plays as possible