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Title Author
Citizenship and You (What's at Issue) Katrina Dunbar
Hindus in Britain Fiona MacDonald
One Country to Another
(Understanding Immigration)
Iris Teichmann
Life as an Immigrant
(Understanding Immigration)
Iris Teichmann
Immigration and the Law
(Understanding Immigration)
Iris Teichmann
Citizenship Philip Steele
Citizenship and National Identity (Issues) Lisa Firth
Citizenship and Participation (Issues) Lisa Firth
Rio De Janeiro (Global Cities) Simon Scoones
Mumbai (Global Cities) Jen Green
Los Angeles (Global Cities) Nicola Barber
Citizen and the Law
(Citizenship in Focus)
Keith West
Democracy in Action
(Citizenship in Focus)
Simon Foster
Governing the UK (Citizens Guide to) Ivan Minnis
Obesity and Health (In the News) Adam Hibbert
European Union (Citizens Guide to) Douglas Willoughby
Economy (Citizens Guide to) Jenny Wales
The Rights of Man Thomas Paine
Citizenship and National Identity
Colonialism to Globalism
Professor T. K. Oommen
The Idea of Justice Amartya Sen
Comparative Government and Politics Rod Hague and
Martin Harrop

Broadsheet Newspapers

  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The Guardian
  • The Times

Periodicals (in the library)

  • Society Now
  • The Economist
  • RS Review
  • Amnesty International
  • The Edge
  • Issues


  • This is England
  • Summers Town
  • Cry Freedom
  • Hotel Rwanda
  • Catch a Fire
  • Skin
  • Ghandi
  • The Line of Beauty