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Wider reading and guided learning at KS5

Many of our students find the transition from Key Stage 4 to Key Stage 5 very challenging, particularly in their approach to independent study.

As you know, all students have study periods every week and they should be completing at least 2 hours work per evening in order to absorb the learning and research needed to complement the work in the classroom. In order to achieve students will have to read extensively to broaden their subject knowledge.

Staff are aware that students do not always approach this fundamental independent learning requirement very easily. We have arranged that all subject areas provide a list of the key texts which will be available both in the learning resources centre at school, and on the website (on the Sixth Form page). What we hope is that parents and carers will support us, especially when students appear to be relatively "work free" at home! The librarian is building KS5 resources and our aim is to have all the texts available by the end of the academic year.

We would welcome your comments on how to ensure student success at KS5 in the home/school partnership by inviting you to speak with Form Tutors at the Academic Review Day.

YC Hertfordshire Website

We would also like to advise you of a website dedicated to young people in Hertfordshire called "YC Hertfordshire". You will find a link on the Sixth Form page of this Website.

YC Herfordshire is a web portal for all young people in Hertfordshire aged 11-19 (up to 25 with a disability). It's run by people in Herts who are here to help young people in all sorts of ways.

The site is different from other websites because it is a portal. This means that it is packed full of local information, and it also links to lots of other useful websites too. One way to describe it is that it's the one place online where young people can go to find all the information they need in Hertfordshire.